Jabber and Off-the-Record Messaging

In 2007 I wrote a diploma thesis on Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging, which which was advised by Prof. Dr. Ruediger Weis. You can download the complete text of the thesis, it's written in german and has the title Sichere Nachrichtenübermittlung mit Off-the-Record-Messaging (pdf).
As part of the thesis I developed an OTR-plugin for Psi and some other tools, you'll find here. The OTR plugin has been updated several times since the first release in november 2007. In former times it was necessary to patch the Psi source code to use the OTR plugin. The patch added some features to the incomplete plugin interface of Psi. Since version 0.6 the patch was adapted and included in the Psi+ project.

For questions or comments feel free to write to timo-e ät freenet.de

OTR Plugin for Psi+

The plugin will only work in combination with Psi+. Build instructions are included in the source package.

Source code:

Third party packages

Screenshots from Psi using the OTR plugin

Jabber OTR Command Line Tools

For testing and debugging purposes two small command line tools were created. With these tools you can send and receive OTR encrypted Jabber messages from the command line. jsnd reads the message from STDIN or from a file. jrcv writes the message to STDOUT.
The programs are written in C using the loudmouth jabber library (1.1.4), libotr2 (3.0.0) and GLib (2.12.4).
File Version Date Description
jsnd_jrcv_0.1.tar.gz 0.1 2007-08-30 jsnd / jrcv source package

2011-03-11 timo-e ät freenet.de